Companies often fall victim to theft, vandalism or other forms of crime. That’s why ASB Security offers industrial security. Key words in industrial security are: prevention, vigilance and reporting.

When you choose to use one of our security agents, they will serve as a deterrent. This means that the presence of a security agent in uniform will discourage possible thieves or burglars.
If there are irregularities on the field our guards will react professionally and do what’s necessary.
After each assignment and/ or reaction our colleagues make a report so that our client is always aware of what’s happening on their terrain. All assignments take shape after a sit down with the client so we construct a clear task list, within the proper legal bases.

Some possible assignments for our security guards are:
• patrolling the terrain and buildings
• entrance- and exitcontrol
• preventive controle to avoid theft, vandalism, burglary…
• fire prevention

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